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02-Oct-2017 03:59

Her ideal type is the singer Rain/Bi (she wants to change it though) 9. All the members agree on saying that she has the best skin among the group. She’s worried about her crow’s feet and her body in general.

She’s a ‘bagel girl’ (a girl with a baby face and glamorous body) 18.

There, she met a representative of an agency and became a trainee in less than two months.

In middle school, So-hyun began registering for audition academies.

She has already considered the idea of getting married.

Jihyun has adored dancing for years and regularly went on stage during events at school 36.

She later reprised her role in the episodes featuring 2YOON and Huh Gak, alongside Bto B's Ilhoon.

So-hyun, along with team mates Ga-yoon and Ji-hyun took part in the archery segment of the 2013 Idol Star Athletics-Archery Championships.

On October 22, it was announced that So-hyun will play the lead in the movie Hwanggu, in which she plays a spirited young college student who supports her boyfriend as struggles to win the national taekwondo title and also the prejudices of a multi-ethnical family he experiences, having a Korean mother and Filipino father.