25-Aug-2017 04:20

There are many divorced ladies in their 40's who are rejected by Chinese suitors because they are too old, or may have a daughter.

Your age is not a barrier for them and if you can adapt to Chinese culture they will provide you with a very fullfilling life.

However, you cannot work legally in China simply by having a Chinese wife and being over 60 makes finding a legal job even more difficult.


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There may also be a fee for registration and/or finding a "suitable partner". You cannot make direct contact with each other without using the agency.They are unlikely to provide email addresses while they can still make money.The translation provided will be what the agency want you to know rather than what you or she wants to say.what do there do ring and tell you that you have mail Do they tell you what in it and then ask you what you would l...

If you want to stay in China and can afford to buy an apartment and provide a good income there is every chance in the world.I then saw a profile which I found really interesting - her name was Neeru.