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This textile, dated 9th-10th century, is very much in the Sasanian style of other textiles of the period, but its provenance is uncertain. 226) entered the personal collections of Louis XIV between 16 (Lentz and Lowry, p. With the development of archaeological excavations in Persia, and particularly those at Susa, the museum acquired a number of Elamite, pre-Achaemenid and Achaemenid objects, as well as important pieces of early Islamic period.Another fragment woven in silk, the so-called “Shroud of Saint-Josse” is, however, unquestionably Persian (, pl. The famous collections housed at the Louvre are of very different origins. A large part of the outstanding pieces of Persian art of the Islamic era was acquired through the sales of great private collections, such as Goupil’s, in 1888.

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During this time, some exhibitions were held (, 1989) which allowed the public to see some of the major Islamic works of art, although for limited periods only.

The most famous findings by Dieulafoy are the glazed ceramic wall decorations from Susa.

The magnificent archers’ frieze was heavily restored by him; and it is difficult to imagine today that most of the heads of these figures were entirely reconstituted with inspiration from the Persepolis reliefs.

It was in this museum, in 1903, that the first large exhibition of Islamic art was held (Mélikian, 1973, p. On the occasion of the opening of the Islamic art gallery in the Louvre, a practical handbook written by Marthe Bernus-Taylor, of this section, was issued (Bernus-Taylor, 1993).

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Thanks to the Susa findings, the Louvre has a rich collection of Persian ceramics, especially from the early Islamic period. As for the Safavid period, one of the outstanding items, the large “Tapis de Mantes” has already been mentioned.

But most of the great collections containing Persian art were created during the second half of the 19th century.

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"Tales of an Ex-Elf" – Career Paths for a Petroleum Geologist Expanding the Build-and-Fill Model: 'Phylloid-Algal' Carbonate Mound Development, Stephan C. Effective Delivery of Reservoir Compliant Seismic Data Processing, Arash Jafar Gandomi, Henning Hoeber, Celine Lacombe, and Vimol Souvannavong, #42158 (2017). Sand Bodies Connectivity Analysis Utilizing Measured Pore Pressure in Normal Pressure, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China, Qian Geng, Xu Changgui, Niu Chengmin, Yang Bo, Yang Haifeng, and Jia Zhen, #42106 (2017). Evaluation and Application of Horizontal Granite Wash Well Performance Drivers into Completion and Fracture Stimulation Design, Barry Dean, Karthik Srinivasan, Matt Belobraydic, and Wing Lam, #42149 (2017). Raymond's Folly: The Codell Play of the Denver Basin, Raymond Pierson, #70303 (2017). Playing It Forward – Modelling the Evolution of Deepwater Subsalt Fields on Passive Margins Using 2-D Finite Element Models, Christopher D. Quantitative Characterization of Fracture Frequency Variations Using a Linear Piecewise Regression Analysis and the Akaike Information Criterion, Alex P. Future of Tunu Field Development: A Breakthrough of Gas Sand Identification Using Automated Seismic Assessment, Firman B. Brahmantio, Argo Wuryanto, Yudhistira Adji, Eros S. Aromatic Compounds as Maturity Indicators - Comparison with Pyrolysis Maturity Proxies and Ro (Measured and Calculated) Using the New Albany Shale as an Example, Donna Caraway Willette, #42143 (2017). Bulling, Robert Marksteiner, Kristian Meisling, Jesse Koch, and Kim Koepke, #30523 (2017). Understanding the Pennsylvanian-Age Granite Wash Play Fairway through Log and Core Data: Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma and Texas, USA, Jesse Koch, Thomas P. Unravelling the Influence of Throw and Stratigraphy in Controlling Sub-Seismic Fault Architecture of Fold-Thrust Belts: An Example from the Qaidam Basin, Northeast Tibetan Plateau, Yangwen Pei, Douglas Paton, Rob Knipe, K. An Optimum Sample Preparation Method for Multi-element Analysis in Crude or Fuel Oils with ICP-OES and QQQ-ICP-MS by Mineralization Utilizing a Single-Reaction-Chamber Microwave System, Weihang Yang, John F. Exploration Research to Evaluation - A New Way of Working, Stephanie Meynard and Kandy Lukats, #42141 (2017). Distribution of Carbonate Reservoirs Controlled by Volcanism in the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand, Kari N. Devonian-Mississippian Petroleum Systems of Southern Laurasia: What Makes the STACK-Merge-SCOOP Play in Oklahoma so Special, Andrew Cullen, #10998 (2017). ): Managing Induced Biases in Log Response and Quantitative Interpretation – Illustration from the Plover Formation of the Ichthys Field (NW Shelf of Australia), Fracois Lafont, Christine Duval, and Maria Barriuso De La Pena, #20405 (2017). Building a Static Model During Exploration: Enabler for Fast Track Field Development Plan, Raffik Lazar, #70288 (2017). … continue reading »

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