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At a recent Catholic conference I attended, one of the guest speakers asked those present if they had a family member who had either lapsed from the Catholic faith or if they had family members who never had it to begin with.Out of the more than 700 attendees, nearly every hand in the audience went up.Since he had been brought back to Jesus, Mary, and the Church through the instruction of a Dominican, Bartolo decided to become a Third Order Dominican himself.His initiation ceremony took place on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7, 1871.He warned them that their practices were false and they needed to turn to Catholicism to find truth.

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His fascination with mediums and witchcraft led him to participate in many séances, and he was eventually ordained a priest of spiritualism.Eventually these spiritual, psychological, and emotional problems led him to seek out the help of a Catholic priest. It did not take long for him to completely reject and renounce the false teachings and practices of spiritualism.In his zeal, he even once barged into a séance, raised a rosary high above the attendees, and rebuked the assembly for what they were doing.For while God desires each person’s individual conversion, He does not desire a coercive conversion; He desires a cooperative conversion.

Still, this should never deter us from offering ongoing prayers for the conversion of another.

Therese prayed for., Saint Faustina Kowalska recorded that she received a private revelation regarding intercessory prayer from Jesus who told her to “Call upon My mercy on behalf of sinners; I desire their salvation.