Dating a cougar ebook

04-Jul-2017 21:17

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And keep an eye out for more from this wonderful lady.

Description: A history of cougar dating, why cougars like younger men, how to make a cougar-cub relationship work, how to meet and seduce an older woman.

Instead, she was heading to a cocktail party still dressed in her work clothes, even though last minute socializing was not her idea of fun anymore. She hadn’t been able to wine, dine, or pleasure the restlessness away in a very long time.

Angry at herself for agreeing to something she didn’t want to do, she frowned as she pulled into the parking lot of Seth Carter’s condo, her mind finally slowing down enough to think about checking her appearance.

Maybe she dreaded this evening because the crowd inside was just Seth’s business acquaintances. Stop by and meet Seth’s cousin Casey, Jenna had encouraged. And it wouldn’t kill her to make the effort to meet Seth’s only remaining family, Alexa had reasoned, when she could no longer think of excuses to put off stopping by.

Unfortunately, her motherhood righteousness didn’t even last the whole trip down the sidewalk.

She loves to hear from anyone who has read her books.

This is a great character study in romance and the first of the series. I definitely recommend this author and her books to anyone who loves a good romance and likes to laugh.

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She's confident, stylish, sophisticated and sexy, and she knows exactly what she wants -- hot young men and lots of great sex! Above all, she reminds readers that being a cougar is liberating, empowering and almost illegally fun.She rolled her eyes at the loud throbbing music as she neared the front door.