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If the name of the contractor or subcontractor is not known to the lienor, it may be so stated in the notice, and a failure to state correctly the name of the contractor or subcontractor shall not affect the validity of the lien.

The notice must be verified by the lienor or his agent, to the effect that the statements therein contained are true to his own knowledge, except as to the matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief, and that as to those matters he believes it to be true.

The term "laborer," when used in this chapter, means any person who performs labor or services upon such improvement. The expression "furnishes material" or other similar expression wherever used in this chapter, shall be deemed to mean and include the reasonable rental value for the period of actual use of machinery, tools or equipment, and the value of compressed gases furnished for welding or cutting, and the value of fuel and lubricants consumed by machinery operating on, or by motor vehicles owned, operated or controlled by the owner, or a contractor or subcontractor while engaged exclusively in the transportation of materials to or from the improvement for the purposes thereof. Such lien shall extend to the improvements made for the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas, and the working interest held by a lessee of the right to explore, develop or produce oil and natural gas.

The term "materialman" when used in this chapter, means any person who furnishes material or the use of machinery, tools, or equipment, or compressed gases for welding or cutting, or fuel or lubricants for the operation of machinery or motor vehicles, either to an owner, contractor or subcontractor, for, or in the prosecution of such improvement. The term "building loan contract," when used in this chapter, means a contract whereby a party thereto, in this chapter termed "lender," in consideration of the express promise of an owner to make an improvement upon real property, agrees to make advances to or for the account of such owner to be secured by a mortgage on such real property, whether such advances represent moneys to be loaned or represent moneys to be paid in purchasing from or in selling for such owner bonds or certificates secured by such mortgage upon such real property, providing, however, nothing herein contained shall be deemed to construe as a building loan contract a preliminary application for a building loan made by such owner and accepted by such lender if, pursuant to such application and acceptance, a building loan contract is thereafter entered into between the owner and the lender and filed as provided in section twenty-two of this chapter. (2) Such lien shall not extend to the owner's right, title or interest in real property and improvements, existing at the time of filing the notice of lien if such lien arises from the failure of a lessee of the right to explore, develop or produce natural gas or oil, to pay for, compensate or render value for improvements made with the consent or at the request of such lessee by a contractor, subcontractor, materialman, equipment operator or owner, landscaper, nurseryman, or person or corporation who performs labor or furnishes materials for the exploration, development, or production of oil or natural gas or otherwise improves such leased property.

OUR SERVICES RATE SCHEDULE FILE A LIENAPPLICATIONBY FAX FILE A LIENAPPLICATIONONLINE SATISFACTIONOF LIEN BY FAX SATISFACTIONOF LIEN ONLINE QUESTIONS? Nothing in this chapter shall subject the title of a purchaser of real property for value whose conveyance is recorded prior to the filing of a lien pursuant to this chapter to any such lien, provided the instrument of conveyance contains the provisions mentioned in subdivision five of section thirteen. Terms of contract may be demanded A statement of the terms of a contract made between an owner and a contractor, pursuant to which an improvement of real property is being made, and, of the amount due or to become due thereon shall be furnished upon demand in writing by the owner, or his duly authorized agent, to a subcontractor, laborer or material man performing labor for or furnishing materials to a contractor, or subcontractor, under such contract.

PRIVACY POLICY ABOUT US CONTACT US NEW YORKLIEN LAW § 1. If, within thirty days of such demand the owner refuses or neglects to furnish such statement or falsely states the terms of such contract or the amount due or to become due thereon, and a subcontractor, laborer or material man has not been paid the amount of his claim against a contractor or subcontractor, under such contract, and a judgment has been obtained and execution issued against such contractor or subcontractor and returned wholly or partly unsatisfied, the owner shall be liable for the loss sustained by reason of such refusal, neglect or false statement, and the lien of such subcontractor, laborer or material man, filed as prescribed in this article, against the real property improved for the labor performed or materials furnished after such demand, shall exist to the same extent and be enforced in the same manner as if such labor and materials had been directly performed for and furnished to such owner. Contents of notice of lien The notice of lien shall state: 1.

The county clerk shall cause such notice of lien to be entered in the block index suitably ruled to contain the columns listed in the preceding paragraph, under the block number of every block so designated. The term "persons" when used in this chapter, includes an individual, partnership, association, trust or corporation. Mechanic's lien on real property A contractor, subcontractor, laborer, materialman, landscape gardener, nurseryman or person or corporation selling fruit or ornamental trees, roses, shrubbery, vines and small fruits, who performs labor or furnishes materials for the improvement of real property with the consent or at the request of the owner thereof, or of his agent, contractor or subcontractor, and any trust fund to which benefits and wage supplements are due or payable for the benefit of such laborers, shall have a lien for the principal and interest, of the value, or the agreed price, of such labor, including benefits and wage supplements due or payable for the benefit of any laborer, or materials upon the real property improved or to be improved and upon such improvement, from the time of filing a notice of such lien as prescribed in this chapter.The name and residence of the lienor; and if the lienor is a partnership or a corporation, the business address of such firm, or corporation, the names of partners and principal place of business, and if a foreign corporation, its principal place of business within the state. The name and address of the lienor's attorney, if any. The name of the owner of the real property against whose interest therein a lien is claimed, and the interest of the owner as far as known to the lienor. The name of the person by whom the lienor was employed, or to whom he furnished or is to furnish materials; or, if the lienor is a contractor or subcontractor, the person with whom the contract was made. The labor performed or materials furnished and the agreed price or value thereof, or materials actually manufactured for but not delivered to the real property and the agreed price or value thereof. The amount unpaid to the lienor for such labor or materials. The time when the first and last items of work were performed and materials were furnished. The property subject to the lien, with a description thereof sufficient for identification; and if in a city or village, its location by street and number, if known.Failure to file proof of such a service with the county clerk within thirty-five days after the notice of lien is filed shall terminate the notice as a lien.

Until service of the notice has been made, as above provided, an owner, without knowledge of the lien, shall be protected in any payment made in good faith to any contractor or other person claiming a lien. Notice of lien on account of public improvements At any time before the construction or demolition of a public improvement is completed and accepted by the state or by the public corporation, and within thirty days after such completion and acceptance, a person performing work for or furnishing materials to a contractor, his subcontractor, assignee or legal representative, may file a notice of lien with the head of the department or bureau having charge of such construction or demolition and with the comptroller of the state or with the financial officer of the public corporation, or other officer or person charged with the custody and disbursements of the state or corporate funds applicable to the contract under which the claim is made.If such property is situated in two or more counties, the notice of lien shall be filed in the office of the clerk of each of such counties.