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20-Jun-2017 12:38

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Robertson screws are vary popular in Canada where they were invented, and are becoming more common in the US.There are four sizes of Robertson drives and the correct driver needs to be used.If i use stainless steel fasteners on this am i at the mercy of galvanic action even though they are located so far up in the hull??Question #2: I am sick and tired of "flathead" screws.Alternates to "flat head" screws are "oval head" and "round head" screws which have different shape heads and are also available in various drive types.Or is you concern about slotted screws with a straight slot for the drive?As far as number three, what you want is a scrub plane or backing-out plane with a curved blade.

This GUARANTEE does not cover products that are improperly used/abused/altered. Items can be returned/exchanged in new condition within 45 days of receipt of shipment. If you look closely, you will see that the inside corners on the screws are sharper, enabling them to hold the bit better than a Phillips.(the Phillips are actually designed to cam out as mentioned above) The insert area of the Frearson is also wider, so there is more purchase on the screw.Frearson drive, also known as Reed and Prince, is also a cross drive but with straight sides so it won't cam out if used with a Frearson driver and the drive recess is less prone to strip. Frearson screws can be driven with a Phillips driver but the advantages are lost.

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Another alternative is Robertson drive, also known as square drive, which is a slightly tapered square recess.It is important to use a Frearson-specific bit for driving the screws.

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