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Although, if daughters cannot acquire this information and nurturing from their fathers due to their absence then they will fail to cultivate healthy relationships leading them to develop negative characteristics. Not receiving the adequate nurturing and information of a father will lead a daughter to grow into an insecure woman. Growing up, I was attracted to older men because subconsciously I wanted them to be a father figure.I was either too attached or not committed if I didn’t trust them.Regardless of what the final chapter looks like, love her while she’s in your life.Growing up without a parent can negatively affect a child’s ability to achieve happiness in their lives.

The benefits that a woman misses by the emotional absence of a father in her childhood are management of emotions, encouragement of risk taking, competition and more.There are many reasons for parents not to be present in a child’s growth, whether its due to death, an illness, divorce, or lack of time due to their jobs.All of these reasons have their own effects on children.I had launched my business, a book, and was frequently traveling. I wasn’t ready for this type of “real talk.” His love was like a mirror that pointed to a nastier truth: I didn’t love myself.

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In fact, I loved the way he loved me, but I didn’t love him or myself.

Eventually, it led to my inability to let men love me.