Morse code telegraph online dating

01-Dec-2017 23:07

For the first transmissions, they used a quotation from the Bible, Numbers : "What hath God wrought." Morse, in the Capitol, sent the message to Vail at Mt. This paper tape is Vail’s return message confirming what was received.

Inventor Samuel Morse developed the telegraph system.

The contents have became ephemeral: one cannot put signals in a pocket, after all.

With the westward expansion of the country and the addition of new territories to the union, improved communication became a necessity.

The telegraph revolutionized the way Congress corresponded with the nation.

Then the new requirement, so well-known to us thanks to communication control systems like SORM or PRISM, emerged: some countries obliged telegraph companies to keep message forms in order for the police to examine those when needed for investigations.

If the process of clandestinely intercepting a written letter without leaving any trace required a great deal of skill, a telegraph cable was initially exposed to hidden interception.In 1843, Congress allocated ,000 for Morse to build an electric telegraph line between Washington and Baltimore.

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