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As a primary source for food in the Jinata System, Pillio is a very profitable destination for feuding Mon Calamari and Nautolan fishing companies.

A deep coral cave system houses ancient fossils, rare species, and deeper secrets no fisherman would ever trap in his net.

A young Garrick Versio united the Jinata System under the Emperor’s banner, and Vardos became an Imperial utopia.

Populated with Imperial installations, training grounds, and military bases, Vardos is also home to millions of loyal citizens.

It is also the location of Vardos’ seminal Future Imperial Leaders Military Preparatory School, as well as Jinata Security’s headquarters.

Due to its enormous amount of sea life, and the tremendous coral reef across the entire planet, Pillio is an oceanic world.

A versatile veteran of the Galactic Empire, Del Meeko witnessed the fall of the Jedi Order on Coruscant as a young boy.

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The shipyards orbiting the purple planet are used for capital ship repairs, manufacturing, and Imperial R&D of classified technologies.

Del’s versatility was rewarded with recruitment into Inferno Squad, where he plays numerous roles: scout, sniper, pilot, intelligence officer, and whatever else Commander Iden Versio needs from him.

An orphan from Kuat, Gideon Hask found a family with the Empire.

Shriv -- a longtime friend of Lando Calrissian and ally of Leia Organa -- is a reliable officer in the rebellion’s ranks, having assisted in the Liberation of Sullust, Battle of Endor, and other key victories.

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An accomplished naval officer who brought his home world of Vardos under Imperial control, Garrick Versio was reassigned and promoted to Admiral following the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4.Her unconventional tactics test the limits of the Empire’s rigid protocol, but her success as a leader is undeniable.