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It turned out to be a toy gun, and it was removed from the house.Despite these allegations, Otunga denies ever getting physical with the musician.'But if you know you like the person, this is where creativity should come in.'Bruneau also encouraged daters to think outside the box and to stray from the classic restaurant date.Instead, she suggested simply grabbing a drink or a coffee, going for bike rides, hikes and walks, or even meeting up during a lunch break. Plenty of couples have met online or via dating apps, but traditional meet-cutes are still happening as well (just think of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were set up on a blind date).Related: Jennifer Allows David To Spend Time With Their Son In the early hours of November 16, the ex-couple first began fighting over where their son would sleep that night.Earlier that evening, Otunga was reportedly upset because his son was spending time at a recording studio with a producer he believed was Jennifer's new boyfriend.Thus, Orbuch urged others to ask their dates about themselves, because most people enjoy talking about their lives.'People make the mistake of thinking that they need to talk the entire time in order to sell themselves,' she told Buzz Feed.

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But having a mental checklist of every characteristic a potential date should have might not entirely help.'We seek out the 6-foot-plus, Ivy League-educated business owner, and get disappointed when we realize they're a psychopath,' Bruneau pointed out.

After David picked up their son and took him to the bathroom, Jennifer followed.

That's when Otunga allegedly pushed her with both of his hands to get her out.

Apparently, he said, "Don't have my son around your fucking boyfriend," and threatened to "fuck him up" at the studio.

The report is possibly referencing producer Mali Music, though it's not confirmed and Hudson denies any affair.

This is why experts warn against shunning online dating, or on the contrary, becoming so comfortable using various online platforms you end up closing yourself to real-life opportunities.'Explore both options—you'll only be increasing your odds of finding a lasting connection,' Bruneau said.