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It was a cause for concern for Emma who found there was an 'unconscious bias' towards white people when it came to selecting a partner.'We like to think that our preferences are something that are innate and really personal and individual to each of us.Only ten percent of black people said they would never date a white person.People aged 18-24 are least likely to select a date outside their own race.The experiments helped support data from a poll of 5,000 people conducted by Dr Keon that suggested white people were also less likely to date outside their race.Emma explained to the participants what her purposes for the experiment were and they were all visibly stunned.'"It’s just not my type" was a filter or shorthand for racial preference.

Listen don't make me get mad.' Just 9.4 per cent of white people of 5,000 polled said they would date outside their race.While the exact victim count remains unknown, Alcala is suspected to have killed as many as 130 women and children before he was finally captured in 1980.Through parallel storylines, the movie also follows Carrie Preston () will direct a script written by Leslie Greif and Darrell 1978 — and subsequently, a place in history as one of America's most prolific serial killers.

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Alcala preyed on young attractive women and lured them by telling them he was a professional photographer and wanted to enter their photos in a contest.

'But if that is the case, why is there such an overwhelming preference towards whiteness? An eye tracking experiment, where the participants entered a room of ethically diverse people, demonstrated that Asian people are mostly overlooked while most unconsciously showed a white preference.

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