Updating firmware on psp

09-Jul-2017 00:05

Here is a multifunctional tool, which includes 8 different display modes (for games, AVCHD and Blu-ray) and File Manager background running FTP server.================================================== ============= multi MAN EMULATOR PACK (FW 3.55): * (SNES GENP VBA FBA FCEU) (20110831)(49.97 MB) last GAME app: Mounts the last game you launched from multi MAN and returns you to XMB.* During playback: [START] LEFT / [START] RIGHT skips to previous/next song in any mode and [START] UP/DOWN controls playback volume * MP3 is stereo, but it will be played back through all 6 speakers in 5.1 configuration with little attenuation for the rear speakers and the LFE.* Changed initial volume to be a little softer * AC3 5.1ch / 2.0ch is also working, but in halts the main thead until song is played through.* Fixed double listing of Blu-ray/DVD-R disc when present * Fixed disappearing USB games in USB PATCH mode - * Fixed On Screen Keyboard (OSK) for firmware 3.15 * Fixed NETHOST support for firmware 3.15 * Changed NETHOST access during boot * Fixed AVCHD title display for firmware 3.15 * Fixed some other minor things - Copy video files to /ps3_home/video virtual folder - they will appear directly in the XMB Video tab. - [SELECT] [R3] in game display modes switches between 4 different fonts (with Japanese/French/Spanish/Russian/Bulgarian (Cyrillic)/Serbian support).

updating firmware on psp-2

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* Game scrolling is rewritten to work in PAGES and browsing is as fast as it can get for all modes. - In File Manager: * [R3] will open a file in HEX view mode * HEX view: [UP]/[DOWN] - Scroll in pages (512bytes) [left]/[right] - Scroll in blocks (8KB) [L1] - Seek to start of file [R1] - Seek to end of file [L2] - Scroll up one line (8 bytes) [R2] - scroll down one line (8 bytes) [/\] or [O] - Exit HEX file viewer * Playing network files will show their names and not 'net_play.bin'.