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19-Nov-2017 17:08

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The bromance is alive and well and Jeremy leaves his romantic weekend with Bonnie to help Matt with Tyler.It’s lucky that Bonnie and Jeremy’s date is cut short as they have become the most nauseating couple. Using a special hybrid Arnold Palmer of ver-bane (that’s half vervain half wolfsbane), he will torture Julian to figure out where Marcos is.With Katherine this was easily fixed three weeks later with the help of a traveler knife.Said knife has been melted by Marcos, so Tyler’s fate is questionable.Just looking for Luke, you know, Luke, who was here to protect you and Stefan, Luke, who's now missing because you and Stefan lied about where Enzo was, and now the Travelers can find you, do their spell, and wipe us all off the face of the earth! How do you think you're able to do all this stuff, huh? You wanted to protect me so I wouldn't spiral because if I spiraled then it would prove that we shouldn't be together, but--but I didn't spiral.Damon: Let's just cut to the chase, Stefan, because I'm not in a hash-out-our-differences kind of mood. I'm even more pissed that you two lied to me about it. If it was me and I was in your shoes, I would have done it, too, except I would have done it months ago. The other side's falling apart, Enzo, so you can either help me, or you can blink out of existence. Despite every nerve in my body wanting to break something or hurt someone or do all the wrong things for all the right reasons, I'm holding it together the best I can, for you.

Julian has no idea where Marcos is, but does direct the bros to where his body is.

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We’ve had Delena and some incredible Katherine plots, but the overarching plot lines of the Augustine vampires and the travelers is flat. Turns out Tyler is good for something other than his abs.

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It should therefore be considered the intellectual property of both corporations.If the bros have Julian’s body then Marcos won’t be able to perform the permanence spell and get rid of Tyler for good (or until they find another ancient traveler’s knife).

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