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20-Aug-2017 12:03

This difference, in perspective, has enabled us to inspire confidence and empower change for over 120 years, and it will for many more.Because at KPMG, purpose is the difference between doing our job and knowing why it matters.Individually and as a firm, we inspire confidence and empower change in so many different ways.

The highest score they report using only words found in the massive SOWPODS word list is 1682 points.

"KPMG is about its people – and I believe that every single person at this firm has a strong sense of purpose and a strong commitment to each other, our clients, and the communities in which we do business.

I feel a strong sense of pride to work for KPMG and to work alongside such extraordinary people." At KPMG, we celebrate and take pride in the higher purpose behind the work we do.

One reader responded to Barry a few weeks later that with the word "sesquioxidizing", and a bit of luck, you could score around 1960 points.

According to Wikipedia, Gyles Brandreth's 1984 book "The Scrabble Omnibus" reports this word already, and may have been the source of this reader's response.

Barry's article and its reader responses set me off to find a 2004 point play with "sesquioxidizing".